I was raised in the Northern Territory, which has to be one of the most adventurous, colourful and scenic places in Australia. As kids we were always playing outdoors, camping, fishing or swimming under amazing waterfalls.

Having a camera in my hand was pretty normal, and I loved capturing those fantastic moments of fun. So, I guess you could say, I was always the ‘official photographer’ on site.

I consider myself blessed to have grown up in a place like Darwin, which was also an incredible training ground for my photography.

Over the years, particularly the last 13, I have found inspiration in the ‘realness’ of the people, extreme environmental contrast and raw natural beauty of the Northern Territory.

My friends would probably tell you I’m pretty fun, completely trustworthy and an OK guitarist. I love a good macchiato, music, travel and my favourite time of day is sunset. My passion, though, is photography and capturing fabulous people in amazing locations.

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